About Florence Alaro

Florence is an Independent Social Worker with over 12 years’ experience in development work, a writer, Human rights promoter, a Journalist and advocate for Women and Youth involved in drug and substance abuse.  This piece of communication will intimately look into my career, life, family and hobbies that I love doing during my private time.

Here one will catch a glimpse of social work experiences, challenges, advice as well as interviews of all sorts of people within the community I have come across with whose stories inspired me a lot. In this space, I will show special feature articles or short stories from day to experiences and anything else that I may deem special to write about. I will also show special skills on Photography as an art, outdoor photography, nature and a bit of Art creations that I love with passion that add to my strength in my life and my career.

I hold a Bachelors in Local Governance and Human Rights from Uganda Martyrs University as well as a Diploma in Journalism from Uganda Management Institute.